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WOW ✨♥️💎 Just over 5.60carats of Round Brilliant Sparkle! What bling ring would you create? ✨✨✨
fairly positive the producers sent her home because she was obviously too good for @ariejr and it made the show seem too unrealistic. #thebachelor
No.241 ✏️ Drawing I made in live few days ago. What would you like to see in live guys ? Comments below and I will made an other live session in the week ✌️🙂 Good evening ! Snow
Benny!! Pattern in shop (link in bio)
Had a pretty tough squat workout this morning that went very well! 220kg (485#) for 2x2 and 230kg (507#) for 1 on pause front squats. When I started these in the first week I really didn’t know how I would make all of my sets. I stayed the course and sure enough each week the sets were challenging, but I was able to handle it without too much trouble. Follow your program, work week in and week out, and see where it takes you! @cal_strength @mbslingshot @caffeineandkilos #american105 #squats #frontsquats #weightlifting #volume #training #workout #morning
When mom catches you with Bae🙈😻😉🐾😋
This is “winter” I guess 🌈🌈🌈
Two words: activated charcoal.✨This all-natural, detoxifying treatment is the ultimate scrub for your skin and the main ingredient in our Dark Magic bath bomb! Shop activated charcoal in #LinkInBio.
Guess the carat weight of this simplistic beauty. Ready? GO! 🏁
💚だいこん&とうもろこし💛 .
Mom reunites with her wedding dress that was missing for 32 years 😢
Thinking spring thoughts. 🌱🌸🌿🌼 Ceramic bud vases by @krikristudio ; shop via link in bio.
Whenever I wear my hair like this I always feel like one of those small dogs that never stops barking and Im living for it tbh