Licensed To Distill Cocktails (@licensed_to_distill)Licensed To Distill Cocktails
Crystal clear ice sphere fresh off the press and ready for a cocktail thanks to my buddy the_carousing_barkeep ⚪️🙌🏻 You don’t get ice this clear with simply boiling water. It’s all about slow directional freezing! Time for a tutorial??? licensed_to_distill

  1. icemydrink

    Badass! I better get one soon before I stab my hand with a 3 prong ice pick!

  2. wzywiffen

    I want one of em

  3. marshallkemp

    Hot damn! Clear as ice! Hahah get it??

  4. rish6026

    @srujal_sharma now you should these stuff yoo

  5. the_carousing_barkeep

    Thank you 🙏🕉😌 @licensed_to_distill definitely will do a tutorial soon...keep you posted!! ❄️⚪️

  6. iuri_161
  7. moralesknives

    Nice balll grabber

  8. iammartis

    Magic 😍😍

  9. bdiazdr

    What is the point having a crystal clear ice in a sparkling cocktail? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  10. silvia_wulf

    Yes please 😍

  11. vretanii

    That press is awesome

  12. tosneynatasha

    You need one of these bad boys! @thomas .james92

  13. manamanax

    This is just ice...

  14. hariss0077


  15. dang.jenny

    please explain what is “directional freezing”

  16. leandravasco


  17. rrando99

    Yes. Slow us how

  18. alaska_glacial_ice

    The ice is too clear it has no character.

  19. jigusurti

    How to. Make this ice ball

  20. armin_sxp

    Some one tell me where can I buy this ice maker...or how can I make a ice like it😐😐

  21. erinnnbs


  22. karnib.y


  23. duilio82


  24. jahnaijj

    I what to make that now

  25. lilbones_bartender

    Where can I buy it ?

  26. 48.speakeasy


  27. dunpoop3d

    In a plastic cup