Just enjoying a juice box on a hot summer day ☀️ azradc

Azra Erović (@azradc)Azra Erović
Just enjoying a juice box on a hot summer day ☀️ azradc

  1. azradc

    @_azrak_ thanks babe ❤️

  2. azradc

    @stephaniehannablog I won’t complain our winters are brutal haha

  3. azradc

    @kendra_erika thank you 😊

  4. _meghanphillips

    Love this capture!

  5. aly.andco

    And looking cute doing it!

  6. thevoguevibes_

    She’s such a cutie 😍

  7. sheworenavy

    Looks hot there!

  8. jinninn1

    How absolutely gorgeous- thats sun on her!

  9. homeofuandme

    She looks so big here ❤️

  10. grateful_girl_mom

    That view is amazing

  11. _this_sweet_life_of_mine

    I love that you call them juice boxes x

  12. captainkl

    @azradc haha yes! I was afraid to get down 😂

  13. stylemeblonde

    What a shot!! It’s been a smoke show here in CO - feels like 100 🔥🔥

  14. dearest.days

    Oh those buildings I’d love to come visit one days looks amazing

  15. samira.husic

    Such a beautiful view & she so cute!

  16. chasingmcallisters

    Such a simple pleasure in summer 😍

  17. mountains.and.magnolias

    Love this city shot! So pretty!

  18. tamfarmphoto

    Bring some juice over here! Yesterday it was 106!

  19. britinymarie

    Who doesn’t 😍

  20. momjeansandmimosas

    Omg it looks beautiful here!!

  21. caitijackson

    This is the coolest shot ever! City in the background tho 😍

  22. _daphnekbmt

    What a lovely capture friend❤️ I wish I meet up with you too when you come visit Cali.

  23. ildahobert

    Aww she’s adorable! 💕💕

  24. thisjoyful_life

    Love this capture! She’s so adorable ❤️

  25. homewithhaleyeby

    What a cutie! Juice boxes for the win!

  26. alanashelise

    What a little cutie!!

  27. ashlee_stood

    Great picture could be in a magazine!!

  28. laurengardnerblog

    Casually adorable 👌🏼

  29. mrsggcast

    Those city views are amazing!

  30. govictoria

    What a gorgeous city view

  31. jessxwag

    The heat is slaying us lately!

  32. makeupbymersiha

    Do adorable

  33. meredith_deanne

    Oh my gosh she’s so sweet! And growing up so fast!

  34. andsothestoreybegins

    Such a cool view!!

  35. bekacontreras

    That sounds good about right now! It’s been super hot here too!

  36. lauren_konrad

    what a pretty view!

  37. can1love

    Ahh summers the best right

  38. beedurst

    She’s taking on the big city 😍 so cute!!

  39. house.of.aces_

    can we switch lives Amina?