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aurijackson is ready to give up straws. Are you? Use the link in bio to sign TheLastStraw pledge and you could win a free reusable glass straw from simplystraws! (Limited to the first 2,000 signees) buzzfeedvideo

  1. kaciyencer

    I literally didn’t know there was any other options besides metal and paper! Thank you so much 😭❤️

  2. randomnarwhalz

    Honestly i hate plastic lids too like they're annoying and useless

  3. jag.heter.agget

    @tomikuma12 well let me tell you about some wonderful news there is paper, bamboo, sugercane and more sorts of other biodegradeble straws. Wonderful right?!

  4. rainedrops13
  5. gjgski

    Think about all the straws they threw away after making this video

  6. tegzwhale

    @hollywood__91 hahahahaha actually!

  7. taz10029

    Nahhhh we'll just keep using straws. Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂 thanks anyways

  8. joanna_light

    I'm pretty sure straws aren't the biggest issue concerning plastic waste. Come on guys. We can do better than this.

  9. karina907256

    okay but the straw is already in the drink so you mind as well let them finish then dispose of it

  10. ashley_welshyyy

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  11. tomikuma12

    @jag .heter.agget Well…If they can bring those to Japan, would be awesome :D

  12. luzmarina.llangari

    @francy .ramirez13 jajajaja yo

  13. kxri1914

    @luzmarina .llangari no hay que usar pajillas nunca mas

  14. jett_universe

    Frappe need straws

  15. celeste.mb_

    @kaciyencer then get glass or paper straws

  16. celeste.mb_

    @tomikuma12 “need”🙄🙄 just use paper ones

  17. trina_healing_guru

    Soooo me!! ❤️

  18. wayneaesthetic.threads

    So please tell me how taking these straws away from people who need them -like the disabled, and others- who need them to take their medication. I think the issue is not the straws but the people who should recycle instead of throwing them away.

  19. harleyterrio

    @gracey_bug they have metal straws pre bent.

  20. dbf_2017

    @kaciyencer you need to go to the dentist....

  21. tayharp19

    @ldebis13 SAVE THR TURTLES

  22. tayharp19

    @ldebis13 SAVE THR TURTLES

  23. smellegra

    I dont care who tf you are or what your motive is behind this. If you snatched a straw out my mouth id slap the shit out of you. Lmao @mogwai_m @zombert99

  24. mogwai_m

    @smellegra yeah I’d be pissed. Someone would catch these hands lmfao

  25. kaciyencer

    @dbf_2017 I only get $700 a year to spend which is more then enough for normal people but I use it all in one or two visits in January then I have to wait a year, welcome to American health care

  26. dbf_2017

    @kaciyencer go to a dental school they will do it for little to nothing

  27. iheartenchantingthings

    @heather_psu this reminds me of someone....v

  28. nova___martin

    Damn. I thought buzzfeed was better than this. This is blatant prejudice against straws. #staywoke #strawpride #staythefuckawayfrommyfuckingstraw

  29. nova___martin

    @gracey_bug That is an issue. But there is a solution. I identify as a "basic straw-drinking non-binary organism." To drink without a straw would go against my identity. I use my portable glass straw for all my slurping needs! Its one of those cool ones with lots of loops and shit.

  30. seriouslee_punderful

    I need straws to drink when I’m going into a fit because a) chewing on the plastic while drinking calms me down and b) if I don’t I’ll choke or spill it. Paper don’t work and metal make my teeth ache-bamboo tastes too weird for my addled head. Some people need straws and they probably have better reasons than me