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Anyone with a younger sibling who has an overactive sweet tooth knows the struggle of hiding the cookies on the top shelf. Don't deny it Art and video credit to Austin Blevins aka Chillguydraws on Tumblr . . gravityfalls gravityfallsfanart gravityfallart fanart dipperandmabelpines dipperpines mabelpines sugar sugarhigh sugarrush sugarcrash waddles waddlesthepig mabelisthebest dontbeamoron siblingrivalry siblingproblems twins twinproblems somerandomhashtag MABELPINES2020 mabelpinesappreciationpost mabelappreciation fananimation gravityfallsfananimation thatgffan

  1. natta_bunny

    @belleee_02 nä jag är inte sån va?

  2. lilykrubin

    @lila .schwartz haha why is this actually me with the sugar packets😂😂

  3. gabyta_betanina

    I don't think she would ever refer to Pato as "the pig" xD

  4. _hadia0

    Thats soo me @areen_khan_1

  5. thebrokendocter

    I thought Mabel was older

  6. nick_shick10

    @goofy_is_an_apex_predator they're pretty much equivalent

  7. kilah_pennington

    @temmiexmas that doesn't mean you're allergic

  8. thatgffan

    @thebrokendocter she is by 5 minutes.

  9. yataginsu._.yoshine

    I miss this show ;-; I want a spin off... or a season 3/4

  10. thebrokendocter
  11. derpdude658

    Not good happen when mabel gets sugar

  12. wth.norah

    Aww I miss this show😭

  13. ichsanerroraccount

    Sugar rush XD

  14. anpbeautiful

    Oh no. She got into the Smile Dip again

  15. thatgffan

    @anpbeautiful Wrong 1000 😉😂

  16. thejuliciamorales

    Yes...I'm that Sibling lol

  17. potter.pines

    I legit have to hide my candy in my bedside table drawer

  18. umut.coskunnn

    Aman aman nereye geldik bi anda neresi burası lan daha demin evdeyim götürün lan beni amına kodumun olum fenalık geçiyorum lan harbi evde değilim

  19. i_maybesweet_butimsour

    I used to have a major sweet tooth and eat nothing but poptarts and sugar all day nothing else and guess what not a single cavity in the dentist boom bitches

  20. tutseeroll

    I’m the oldest with the sweet tooth

  21. seunglee8708

    She actually took cocaine

  22. a6.vhd

    Diabete intensifies

  23. erikikka.exe

    Ha una svastica autistica sulla maglietta @datxcolonnella_

  24. datxcolonnella_

    @erika .404 quello zucchero in realtà era ebreo

  25. kallie_wall_

    @thatgffan Mabel is 5 minutes older than Dipper😐

  26. tomeatstidepods

    i am the the younger sibling witth an overactive sweet tooth.

  27. nathen646

    Sugar the new crack

  28. pablomg33


  29. yea_its_me_sam


  30. luna_pdl

    @celsov ._ eu quando como açúcar kkkkkk

  31. celsov._


  32. stmarlee

    That's me