lowlife ⏬ Winter season is almost over 💯 benzzsquad

  1. sim_s26

    This is how low my bitch shud go

  2. immsta

    That looks like tread on them tyres 👀

  3. adzman1

    You dont drive it enough😂

  4. amg_suri

    U sittin on 19’s?

  5. norbertlebron

    What size spacers are those?

  6. ollie55amg

    @adzman1 look at those discs! He ain’t driven it for DAYS! 😥

  7. adzman1

    @ollie55amg more like months!!!

  8. vardanyan321

    Крашенная дверь

  9. best_edition_cars

    Song name please

  10. ollie55amg

    @adzman1 nearly years 🤦🏼‍♂️

  11. benzzsquad

    @ollie55amg surface rust. New ones to fit lol

  12. benzzsquad

    @amg_suri yep 👍🏼

  13. benzzsquad

    @norbertlebron It's been a while but 15mm I think

  14. benzzsquad

    @best_edition_cars John Blaze - Fat Joe 👍🏼

  15. amg_suri

    @benzzsquad damn! U must b scraping without that ⬆️suspension button! I’m on 20’s n scrape lol

  16. _55amg_

    Hope she comes out of hibernation