Molly Mutt Brand Ambassador (@branstonandtwiglet)Molly Mutt Brand Ambassador
The warning here....don’t leave tasty grain free dental chews in the counter. They will be surfed😛 iodogs iodogs we love your products 🤩 . . countersurfer gsp dogs dogsofinstagram dogstagram mydogiscutest weeklyfluff ilovemydog dogtreats branstonandtwiglet

  1. sherriklaus

    This is ah-mazing! 💜

  2. aimeehendrix

    When our GSP was a puppy, she swiped a stick of butter off our counter.... not sure how she reached it, but she did!

  3. rachel_ann0320

    @emilee_english look at these adorable faces!!

  4. kjindra89

    Miss these silly puppers!

  5. the_rhode_ahead

    My son once left a large mighty meaty pizza on the kitchen counter while he ran upstairs to take a quick shower; thought our Ridgeback Paloma was sleeping. Ha! Came back to find her licking the empty box on the floor!😳😂

  6. pointandwag
  7. emilee_english

    @rachel_ann0320 oh my goodness! The sneakiest doggos 😂 so adorable!!

  8. dawgfacegirltoo

    Wonderful 😂

  9. parkerpointergsp

    But their teeth will be clean

  10. coluccio_canine_casa

    These is great!😃😂. Love your pups!💕

  11. mejane29150

    Oooh so cute and aren’t they smart?