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📶🐹❤️🛀 🐹: 🎵You know what I want to do ? 🎶😈 - 👧🏻: Silly Chubby Tubby Boy LOVED ❤️to roll in his sandbath. He also LOVED to pee in it 😅so we had to monitor and change the sand very often. But it's fine. At least he peed in the same spot all the time and his cage and playpen were always so easy to keep clean and don't smell at all 😄 - hamster 倉鼠 仓鼠 pets dwarfhamster cute love gift ハムスター 햄스터 หนูแฮมสเตอร์ petslover hamusuta hkhamster hkpet adorable sweet iphone6splus animal rodent petstagram wukonglovers rip pecotv inmemoryofWukong forevermissedand❤️ - 🐹🌈♥️In loving memory of our Sweet Chubby Tubby Boy ✌🏻🐹🐾 - 👧🏻👩🏻👨🏻: Never shall we forget all the HAPPY DAYS spent with you 💕 - ❤️ ( 📹taken May 2016 ) ❤️ wukong_qq

  1. sayang_me_d

    Smart wukong .. :) it’s just like u r still here always .. mama make it like so real that u didn’t leave us at all.. thank you wukong mama..

  2. roxanaasgarian

    what did you do that he peed and rolled in it ? my hamsters dont even look at it

  3. nature_n_more


  4. wukong_qq

    @roxanaasgarian I didn't do anything 😄😄 He knew he had to roll once we bought him the sand. And then slowly he started to pee in it. In the beginning he would still roll on the sand with his pee in but after he had eyes infections, we stopped him from using sand. Once he'd fully recovered, we gave him back his sandbath but this time we monitored and changed his sand. Slowly he then knew not to roll if there were pee in his sandbath.

  5. wukong_qq

    This chubby boy was a intelligent boy 😛

  6. wukong_qq

    U r most welcome @sayang_me_d 😘 I thanks you for loving Wukong. Wukong was born to bring smile to everyone he connected to. Eventho he no longer here with us, I'm sure he would love to continue spreading SMILE to everyone. He is watching us over the Rainbow Bridge 🌈 😘😘😘

  7. wukong_qq

    @nature_n_more 😝💕

  8. sada.x_x.co


  9. wukong_qq

    @sada .x_x.co 抹pat pat都唔使 🤣

  10. sada.x_x.co

    @wukong_qq 好叻仔wo🤣

  11. lonnn2017

    Handmake spa room😂

  12. wukong_qq

    @lonnn2017 ✌🏻👧🏻💕

  13. nil.gif

    I miss chubby tubby Wukong so much 🐹🌈😪

  14. princesacookies

    Awww silly boy. 😂 Cookie pees always in the same spot. She's always clean and also her cage. She has a cat sand which she likes to roll but she never pees there.

  15. princesacookies

    I miss you chubby boy

  16. wukong_qq

    Cookie is very intelligent too 😘😘😘👍

  17. wukong_qq

    @nil .gif ❤️

  18. angeliessimo

    😝😝😝 okay..

  19. savagedeviljho6955


  20. yuwen__maggie

    悟空很棒🐹❤👍 固定尿在浴沙裡媽媽比較好清理😆

  21. jcb.tan123

    Haha I thot after little boy passed away u would be inactive. I would really miss him but all these posts make me think that he is still alive!😃 RIP wukong😢

  22. wukong_qq

    Thank you for loving Wukong, @jcb .tan123 ❤️ When he was alive he brought so many SMILES to so many faces. Tho now he's over the Rainbow Bridge 🌈 I'm sure he still wants to see everyone happy and not sad over his leaving.

  23. wukong_qq


  24. wukong_qq

    Thank you @svetina12 ❤️

  25. wehave3hamsters

    I wonder what he was looking for in the corner part way through his bath 🛀 Maybe a snack 🐹❤️🤗😋💗💘

  26. phillinaashlea

    my hamster doesn’t clean himself when i put the sand bathe in... i have to like pour sand on them every time... do you happen to know why

  27. wukong_qq

    @phillinaashlea 🤔He might just not know what it is in the beginning. Just leave it in for a few nights and see what happens. If he still doesn't use it, this isn't a problem, as hamsters don't need a sand bath to be healthy, it is just a fun extra. But at the moment just leave the sand in there until he gets the hang of it😊

  28. na._.he


  29. sstellatte

    @noviani___ Mirip Pancake hahaha

  30. noviani___

    Haha iya mirip banget hehe

  31. qingtian_heshang

    So clever flimsy

  32. qingtian_heshang

    Toilet trained himself 👍👍💪💪

  33. rismaaprll_


  34. wukong_qq

    @kooki_photography Sandbath 😁😝