🐒Wukong 悟空 (@wukong_qq)🐒Wukong 悟空
😅Silly Chubby Tubby Baby Wukong loved staying in the bathroom 🛀💕 👧🏻: Oh, there you are, Chubby Tubby Boy. What are you doing there under the cabinet? 🐹: Oh, hello Mama. I'm in the bathroom... grooming of course😏 👧🏻: Of course 😅 Come. Come out. 🐹: Huh? You have snacks for me? Where...😋? 👧🏻: No snacks 😓, Chubby Boy. I just want to bring you back to your playpen. I got to go to school now. 🐹: Not yet 😟... I haven't finished grooming 🙁 👧🏻: 😒 - hamster 倉鼠 仓鼠 pets dwarfhamster cute love gift ハムスター 햄스터 หนูแฮมสเตอร์ petslover hamusuta hkhamster hkpet adorable sweet iphone6splus puppy rodent petstagram wukonglovers rip pecotv inmemoryofWukong forevermissedand❤️ - 🐹🌈♥️In loving memory of our Sweet Chubby Tubby Boy ✌🏻🐹🐾 - 📹taken April 2016 wukong_qq

  1. nongboom

    นู๋บ้าน @nongjewja

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  3. sfirssf

    💝💙💚💛💜... pure pure loveee

  4. kickia17

    Little cutie 😘💖💖💖💖💖💖

  5. rainbowsparks008

    😂😂😂.. Oh Wukong

  6. yutafamily


  7. pancakeandwaffles

    Hehe such a cutie😍❤️

  8. ma_woongzzi

    Bathroom is indeed a perfectly private place for grooming 🐹😎💕💛

  9. w_tung.li

    @lccray 😝😝😝❤️

  10. wukong_qq

    @junejunep 😂👍💕💕💕

  11. qingtian_heshang

    Awww.... Can i squeeze u 😘😘💖💖

  12. xsatilla

    Little love ❤️

  13. jenddeukki

    @shirl .chen i wish i could trust oliver to roam so freely around the house like that

  14. princesacookies

    Wuk Wuk...you're always adorable. 😍 Silly little boy

  15. nongjewja

    @nongboom ตัวหย่ายย

  16. wukong_qq

    @jenddeukki Sorry for the interruption 😛 My chubby boy only allowed to roam freely and safely in the bathroom where door was closed and all holes were blocked 😄

  17. wehave3hamsters

    You were always so immaculate Wukong 😍❤️🤗

  18. gerkinvvv

    You are really a caring parent! Wukong was so fortunate to have been with you. God bless. When my tabby passed on (can't say died) i vowed never to have another cat because no cat should replace tabby. It took almost 11 years before i could get a cat that too my husband wanted one. I can see how much you must hv loved wukong. ☺

  19. shirl.chen

    @jenddeukki I mean he did roam free ONCE..... maybe you guys should work on some trust exercises

  20. shirl.chen

    @jenddeukki I mean he did roam free ONCE..... maybe you guys should work on some trust exercises

  21. lele_doank

    Wukong is the reason why you late to go to school😂😂😂😂

  22. 3.14159_1c

    @0802martin 他真的超級可愛

  23. 0802martin

    @3 .14159_1c 其實我覺得每隻倉鼠都一樣可愛

  24. wukong_qq

    @lele_doank Most of the times 🤣

  25. wukong_qq

    @gerkinvvv 😭Yes, I'm not ready yet to have another one

  26. wukong_qq

    @wehave3hamsters ✌🏻🐹💕

  27. mr_jingles_hamster

    Bathroom is for grooming momma 🤦🏻‍♂️🐹😋🤣💖

  28. lele_doank

    @wukong_qq maybe he want to go to school just like you

  29. wukong_qq

    @mr_jingles_hamster Yes dear 😛😝😜

  30. do_228

    @yummyyuuu 小手手

  31. hamstertwinkie3607

    Chubby boy so cute wukong you are chubby but inside your skinny and adorable and show a lot of love ❤️ heheheheh

  32. kevina_822

    😱OMG your hamster is so cute