{ Day vs Night } • While exploring a pine forest I found the clear boundary between day and night. brahmino

Simone Bramante (@brahmino)Simone Bramante
{ Day vs Night } • While exploring a pine forest I found the clear boundary between day and night. brahmino

  1. chus4lvarez

    Thanks for your beautiful photos 😍 Grazie!

  2. earthsociial

    Love the concept!

  3. ry00ki

    Whoa the composition is great 👌 colors are 🔥🔥🔥👍

  4. dgmotions

    Such a beautiful mood with the sun 😍

  5. nikofalltrades

    And that boundary is stunning. It sets the mood so well!

  6. nguyenpictures

    Incredible this boundary between dark and light ! And the golden light is awesome 👏🏻

  7. inaalva

    Symetrical magic⭐️

  8. d.martinezdias


  9. lucabrando_

    Stupenda suddivisione dei colori

  10. zauberzey

    the lights look unreal!!! a really awesome shot!!!!!!

  11. noble_precious_rudy

    Omg Nice 🍀👌🏾

  12. thwvisuals

    Never seen anything like this before! It's really cool!

  13. thesunboy

    Riesci a creare atmosfere spettacolari.

  14. me_seeingthings

    Wow, nice catch!

  15. antropologiaenfotografia


  16. svea_n_neitzke_
  17. lifebehindmyeyes_

    I really like this picture

  18. ines.flashes

    Wow!! You really find the perfect light!! Amazing shoot!! 🌎🔝📸

  19. rahalarts

    love what the light did with this Picture

  20. hawk.visuals

    Love that golden light

  21. travel_with_kriss

    keep it up , love your pictures

  22. berrggy

    Sheesh that’s so cool. Love captures like this, cold on bottom, warm on top!

  23. visualkev

    Yeah this is cool 😎!

  24. williambwrs

    Wow this is soooo cool. I love how you use the light here to tell the story

  25. sahil_s_chouhan

    Loved the composition and the way tones are balanced ..... nicely captured

  26. kalebjohnstonnz

    Wow this is amazing! The way the colors split from warm to cold is so eye pleasing! The composition of this shot is Awesome too! Keep up the sick work bro!

  27. johnnyferniz

    Man! You nailed it in everything! Composition, lighting and edit! Hands down bro!

  28. sapb0y

    Amazing tones!! Nice shot👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  29. travel_with_kriss

    Absolutely beautiful :)

  30. travel_with_kriss

    awesome pic ! keep it up

  31. znicolaou

    Stunning shot @brahmino !

  32. deemwave

    Amazing capture 👍🏼👌🏼👍🏼

  33. jessiruggiphotos

    Wait, so is this picture like ... one? Or two photoshopped together?

  34. andrefphoto

    Very interesting blend my friend. Looks like a gradient in the trees

  35. sebastiandelgadoyo

    This is really cool, is this straight from the camera?!

  36. a.k_clickzz

    Awesome composition 😍👌