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Slowly defrosting. Arya is a different character completely, a total clown that acts differently (which will be very interesting to document in a week when her turn is up). Stella was always the one in the background more withdrawn, I cannot turn her on her back and rub her belly for example, she is very protective of herself and only allows certain play styles but only when they suit her. They are very polarizing in character, ends of the spectrum almost, and its unreal how much connection and how well they fit each other despite their flaws and differences. dusangrujovic

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  3. outdoorathlete0930

    Awww Stella. ❤️

  4. tatianshakh


  5. luna5166_minini_

    Com'è sei adorabile piccola Stella😄😄😄😍😍😇😇

  6. mjtedder

    So cute!

  7. ljvoula

    Awww look at her tail build be worst shell come around....💜🖤💜

  8. ljvoula

    Meant could 😂

  9. kriki_the_frenchie

    O cica mala🤗Ide na sigurno❤

  10. bitnerjackiegay

    Poor thing 💔💜💔

  11. pet_wig

    즐겁고 행복한 한주되세요^-^

  12. ringandrundogwalkers

    Wow!!! Crazy how different. Tamed beast!

  13. loishallidayd

    Awww, pobrecita Stella....😘

  14. marymarywhyyoubuggin

    Stella the introvert 😊

  15. daliileal

    No entiendo que le paso y por que esta lejos de su hermana

  16. nicoleetta189

    She’s scared

  17. crazy_life_of_opie

    That's what makes them so perfect. Compliments to each other. Opposites attract

  18. sweetgoldenbeau

    Aw, how adorable! xo!!!!