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  1. mahorr63


  2. rahuljaiswal____


  3. ashiii_101

    The internet is full of shit these days @pizzalovingmidget 😫😫

  4. ashiii_101

    @pizzalovingmidget whaaaaat never seen no angrez wanting such a figure, have you?

  5. fardeen_sayyed_

    Ye kon sa song hai

  6. shreya.pra

    Aashika you don't deserve someone like avneet

  7. shreya.pra

    Aashika you don't deserve someone like avneet

  8. pizzalovingmidget

    @ashiii_101 is ke liye jitna chiii kahun kam hai

  9. pizzalovingmidget

    And yep @ashiii_101 haven't met a single angrezz wanting a figure like her 😂😂😂

  10. siddhart111

    Try to do some exercise your hips are too large 😂😂

  11. roma_h10

    @pizzalovingmidget neither will any foreigner date a girl with a face and name like yours 😂💩

  12. roma_h10

    @ashiii_101 So are you 💩

  13. mehvishshah20

    @fajrshora Aakhir kyu? Emis daleel kyah.

  14. iamamrita.97

    @itachi890 o so you are a dancer?

  15. itachi890

    @iamamrita .97 I don’t need to be a dancer to state the obvious, genius.

  16. iamamrita.97

    @itachi890 she dances really good. And you are commenting like a damn dance teacher lol😂

  17. callmemrattitude

    😍😍😍 I'm in love with her. 😍😍😍😂

  18. callmemrattitude

    @nainagowda12 stfu and delete your comment.. have some respect

  19. itachi890

    @iamamrita .97 u call this dance? She’s literally shaking her entire flab and that’s it. lol maybe u like it so much cuz ur a dance teacher? That’s right I don’t think so.

  20. iamamrita.97

    @itachi890 that was too lame😂 well if she was a thin girl and have done the same moves then you wouldn't have said anything, I'm sure about that. The fact is she dances really good and her energy level is also bang on. If you cant motivate or appreciate then don't discourage them as well. At least she's trying to entertain everyone.

  21. itachi890

    @iamamrita .97 I would have said the Same thing to anyone “dancing” this way. And lol u are sick to find this garbage “entertainment”

  22. aroravishal300

    What a sexy figure

  23. iamamrita.97

    @itachi890 you are sick to call someone garbage

  24. itachi890

    @iamamrita .97 it wasn’t about a person it’s about a person’s actions. And don’t change the subject lol

  25. muhammadasif9294

    Beauty ❤️❤️

  26. isupergirll

    @roma_h10 lol 😂😂😂😂😂luvd ur cmnt

  27. roma_h10

    @isupergirll 😂😂 thanks much

  28. komalrawat_

    Body goals😍

  29. harshit.choudhary

    Krna bhut kuch chahti h hota kuch nhi

  30. mehakahmed_

    @itachi890 u win 👏

  31. mellow_08

    Oooo shit.....

  32. sp_mehra_0001