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Glitter is bad for our oceans — and scientists want it banned nowthisfuture

  1. blueberrybruja

    @_ayeaustin @lushcosmetics uses biodegradable glitters made from sea kelp.

  2. queenmeaw

    Whyyy 😂

  3. bianca.vanraay

    Just make it out of seaweed?!

  4. alexabyjo


  5. vidfm

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  6. wearefoxstudio

    Greta vid, say no to glitter!

  7. emelia.bedelia_

    @alexabyjo OH NO NVM GLITTER

  8. arrowtipclothing

    We need to save the oceans :(

  9. yonreal

    just do it already. no looking back

  10. taramcdonald.deutschland

    the more you know hah

  11. vidfm

    Perfect Shot

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  13. _sabrina_enn

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  14. startupcreator

    Very cool picture!

  15. eleferrsi

    @_sabrina_enn 😂😂😂 stai tranquilla glielo impedirò

  16. kingbe21

    But...but I NEED glitter 😭

  17. genaturns

    @rturnerfication I can't live without glitter 😔 lol

  18. smbarrio1999_ana_flores

    Create bio-degradable bling dust...

  19. nicholasgph

    Glitter also ruins marriages. Say NO to glitter!

  20. zivan_256

    My teacher hates glitter so much he bans them from being used in my class ( everyone in my class also hate glitter because it's itchy and messy )

  21. zivan_256

    Oh nvm that's my class years ago ( yeah no one uses glitter though )

  22. aliaette

    oh stfu

  23. vidfm

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  24. vidfm

    Keep up your amazing work

  25. coolgirl_mira

    @wilmarshh well that sucks major balls

  26. success.centre

    Wow! Great video to open your mind!

  27. sugar_rush_extreme

    some people might be unhappy about this, but glitter gets everywhere.

  28. alexou567

    I agree 100%.

  29. maya.asm

    @mollyblood well that’s the end of our party glitter

  30. maya.asm

    @indi_glooww watch it all ):

  31. iamtechsolutions

    Stellar! :)

  32. rohitraj_nair

    So all that glitters is not goo(l)d