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👽✌🏽strong disconnections✌🏽👽
🌴 Tag friends you would travel to Bora Bora! 😍❤️✨ | 📷 © @lemeridienbora
slice guys finish first 🍕
Pheasantly surprised 🤓
Rainbow Breakfast Tart by @scecco_food .for.thought 🌈 . Crust: 170g mixed berry dried fruit bars, chopped 100g dark chocolate, chopped 1 cup almonds . Filling: 1 cup canned coconut milk 1/4 chia seeds 2.5 cups coconut yogurt . pink pitaya and butterfly pea flower powders blue spirulina Turmeric . Combine coconut milk + chia seeds, and refrigerate 2 hours. Pulse crust ingredients in your high speed blender and then press into the tart pan, and refrigerate half an hour min. Divide coconut yogurt in 5 and colour with powders. Layer chia pudding, then coconut yogurt in the crust to create a rainbow 🌈 and top with fruit. ENJOY! #bestofvegan
🌈 1, 2, 3 or 4, which shelf do you prefer? 📷 by @alphafoodie Share with a friend! #thevegansclub 🌈 Interested in health? Take a look at @thevegansclub .health for the top healthy recipes & inspirations 🍏 Watch the most trendy video vegan-recipes at @thevegansclub .videos 🎥 Join our facebook group at TheVegansClub Group 💗 And explore our favorite vegan books & products following the link in our bio 😘
Krispy Kreme Hershey’s Gold Bar Donut! This is your typical Krispy Kreme yeast donut with caramel glaze and “Hershey’s gold” toppings. While these are very tasty, the Hershey’s Gold flavor is not there. There is a slight saltiness but it’s overpowered by the caramel. If these had actual crushed up bars, or pretzels, they would be spot on! Rate: 8/10. Worth gives them a 7. Found @: Krispy Kreme 🍩🍯🍫
WOW ✨♥️💎 Just over 5.60carats of Round Brilliant Sparkle! What bling ring would you create? ✨✨✨
fairly positive the producers sent her home because she was obviously too good for @ariejr and it made the show seem too unrealistic. #thebachelor
Ну что, до марта-то осталось совсем немного. Поэтому оставим это видео @ekaterina_roshina здесь, на память о нарядной 🎊❄️зимней Москве.⠀ ⠀ И, конечно, трек 🎧 Sia «Everyday is Christmas» нами очень любим и здесь очень кстати.⠀ ⠀ Хорошего вечер! Enjoy🤗!⠀ ⠀#mosquarium #moscowwinter #christmas #sia #москвариум
Seems like all the rain melted this snow away today! Here’s to a mellow evening ☔️🌥
Confirmed to release on March 24 via The Draw on Nike SNKRS.#thesneakerbuzz
Big brother says you get more goodies if you cross your paws 😍🐾
Keep eating well and feeling good with our friends at @littlebluedynamos  💙 Grab blueberries by the boxful and eat them by the handful for a #positivelybluetiful day. That’s our tip for the day! . Congrats, @jessierushlow ! You’ve won a high speed Vitamix thanks to our friends @littlebluedynamos 💙 That means LOTS of blueberry smoothies for you! We’ll DM you to coordinate shipping:)
おはようございます☀ * * 羽生結弦選手の連覇を祝して、今日は彼の好きなプーさんいっぱい弁当作ってみました~🎵 * * 上部の小さいプーさんたちは、黄色い人参を豚肉で巻いて甘辛く焼き付けました。 * * 耳まで肉で巻き込まなくてもいいかしら…とも思ったけど、羽生くんみたいに難しいことにもトライしてみたくて耳を入れてみたら、案の定人参がちょっとずれちゃってグダグダなプーさんになりました~💦 * * これもご愛嬌❗と、大目に見ていただけたら嬉しいです😂 * * おかずは、 ・豚の人参ロール ・ポテトサラダ ・海老の塩焼き ・ロマネスコ ・ピーマンの昆布佃煮あえ ・ミッキー&ミニーパスタ ・ラディッシュの飾り切り です。 * *#プーさん #くまのプーさん #ディズニー #海苔弁当 #フードクラム #旦那弁当 #愛妻弁当 #悪妻弁当 #オベンタグラム #デリスタグラマー #のり弁 #winniethepooh #pooh #disney #lin_stagrammer #instayummy #delistagrammar #obentogram #lunchbox #kawaiifood #foodpic #instapic #instayum #instafood #lunchtime
" Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations..." Good Morning Good People;) Let's start the day:D #morning #goodmorning #beauty
Mom reunites with her wedding dress that was missing for 32 years 😢